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Team work

• The principal competitive advantage of the best companies in the world is the manner in which they work as a team, a factor that is reflected in their success within the marketplace.

• It is one of the psychological conditions that most positively influences employees, producing greatest satisfaction and sociability. It reduces pressure from market difficulties, and increases the responsibility of employees to seek solutions from different perspectives.

• Decisions taken as a team have greater acceptance and achieve greater identification and association with the objectives of the company.

• The secret lies in listening to and getting to know each of the members of the team.

The team > the sum of each of its members.

Management of costs

• This sign refers to the management of costs and expenditure, and involves a change in mentality and perspective on the part of the company’s employees in relation to a very important element, expenditure.

• AWH or act as you would at home, means that each employee must be continuously aware that the most significant form of increasing profits comes from a reduction of costs, and that they should act as they would in their own homes.

• Regardless of the cost management system implemented by the Company, it is important for each employee to know each and every one of the cost or expenditure-generating activities involved in their specific role at work.

+ Calls + Appointments + Clients

• This is a statistical rule that works in sales companies for attracting new clients: a greater number of calls, more chance of closing new appointments, and the greater the number of appointments, the greater the possibility of obtaining new clients.

• In addition, practice will lead to the increasing improvement of calls and appointments.

• The time at which a person is most receptive is from 12 noon, and the initial list of calls should contain some 200 people.

• We should remember that the more negative responses we receive, the closer we will be to the positive response.


We differ

• The best companies in the world are characterised by carrying out their work in a different manner to their competitors, which is what leads to their triumph in the marketplace.

• This sign represents the ripples originated in a pond when we cast a stone, and how these ripples end up covering the entire pond.

• Our method of working must be a distinguishing feature, and must make us unique, and cover the entire market.

Greater motivation, better results

• Studies from the most prestigious universities identify a common feature present in the very best professionals around the world, and that is that they are true masters in generating emotional states of maximum performance.

• This is the reason or reasons for which we carry out an action, it is different in each person and requires a process of individual reflection.

• These studies determine that there are three factors which influence our emotional state, physiology, language and focus.

• Physiology determines that smiling originates a change in blood flow and in the neurotransmitters in the brain, helping to provoke a change in our emotional state. Using a positive language is another important element. Lastly, we must visualise the objective that will make us happy in our work.

• It is important to learn to master our emotional state, as this will predispose the results achieved during our working day.


• The objective of this sign is to remind us of the need to call our clients, to establish a greater emotional bond.

• The very best salespeople in the world recognise one rule:

“People always do business with their friends”

• When two products are exactly the same, we will always tend to choose the one belonging to our friend, and when one of the products has greater value than the other, it makes no difference, because we will still tend to choose the one belonging to our friend.

• As a general rule we will do business with the people with whom we establish friendly relations.

• We must remember that people like to talk and like to be listened to, therefore, a call to find out their opinion on the current situation will always be positive.

I save

• This sign refers to the management of costs, and means that each employee must try and save the Company one euro every day.

• It is very important that the idea of how to save comes from each employee (as the ideas we come up with ourselves are always better accepted) and that further down the line these ideas are shared about how to achieve this saving.

• Despite being a simple exercise, a Company with 100 employees and an average work shift, carrying out this exercise for one year, will achieve an additional profit of around 20.000 euros and, what is more important, the employees will be aware of the cost-generating activities they undertake, and upon which they may bear an influence.


• This sign identifies a word we must avoid, unless we refer to it as an opportunity.

• Speaking about the negative aspects of the government, companies and professionals takes us away from our objective and demotivates us.

• We are living through a complicated time in the marketplace, in which we need to push ourselves more than in other years, and which requires that we motivate ourselves each morning when going to work, and so we should remember this phrase, for one or other of our colleagues,… “If you are not going to motivate me, don’t motivate me, but don’t try to convince me about how bad the situation is”.

• Remember there are people who are toxic, who feed on trying to demotivate us.


• This sign represents a so-called “fast” phase, which requires greater concentration, and involves doing our work faster, seeking to finish our working day one hour earlier.

• It must be made clear that under no circumstances is the objective of this exercise to overload the employee with more work, but to finish work sooner or be able to dedicate half an hour of your day to working on personal things, or even log on to social networks to establish new contacts.

• By so doing, the employee will work with renewed motivation, and the business owner will be able to establish the working capacity of each employee.

• The idea is to convey the message that more hours at work do not necessarily mean more work. Greater concentration and speed mean more work.

Your client

• Ladies and Gentlemen, I herewith introduce the new Managing Director, “your client”.

• This is the direction of the future for the companies of today.

• At the cusp of the pyramid, there is one person who stands above everyone else, both bosses and employees alike.

“This consists of reinventing a new approach towards the client”

• It doesn’t matter who the boss is, or who is above who, the person calling the tunes is the client, regardless of the position we occupy within the Company, whether we are salespeople or not, we all depend on this new boss.

• It is interesting to communicate this to our clients, as the result tends to be positive.

Attention: we sell experiences

• What we sell are not just products, or services, what we sell are experiences.

• They begin when the client walks in the door, there is a pleasant temperature and aroma, good background music and the client is attended to by someone charming, who offers them something to drink… and all the little details over and above the product itself combine to form an experience, either good or bad, and the client is aware of each of them.

“The client buys with all five senses”

• And we must always be aware what our brand means, and the experience provided by our products and services.

Help to Help

• This sign, “Help to Help” seeks to establish a small collaboration agreement with our potential clients, contacts or people who can recommend us.

• The agreement consists of mutually sending or introducing potential clients.

• It will help us to increase our database at times of little activity in the market, or to provide greater value to our clients.

Attention: don’t give way to panic

• This sign seeks to remind us that in certain moments of extreme intensity at work, due to impending deadlines or unforeseen problems, we must stop and breathe.

• Stress can often make us lose sight of our objectives, and can lead to us losing control of our emotional state, which in turn can affect our team and also ourselves.

• It is important to maintain control and to calm down, as things will get sorted out in the end.

STOP, listen,
someone very important is talking to you

• This sign represents the origins of the Mini Sign Strategy Project, which seeks to express not only the importance of listening to the strategies of managers and companies on the part of employees, but also the importance of listening and understanding the people around us and who work with us.

• Stop Listen seeks to convey that the best example of respect we can show people begins by listening to them.

• The principal objective is to reinvent a new way of listening to and understanding others.







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