Mini Sign Strategy, The new concept of strategic implementation.

  • Through our patented system, you will be able to convey to your employees in a simple, practical and effective manner, the fundamental cornerstones of your strategy, ensuring they are present at all times, and providing a new vision of same.

  • Mini Sign directly involves people in the plans developed by their companies and the strategies designed by their managers, defining a new way of listening to and understanding the company.

  • The method consists of small signs which are placed on the Computer and have the objective of storing information about directives, priorities and the general know-how of the company.

  • As well as these signs, the product is accompanied by a commitment panel which must be signed by all members of the team.

  • Mini Sign presents a basic range, and provides the opportunity for getting in touch with our team of specialists in order to develop specific and bespoke signs by following their instructions.






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