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Mini Sign Kids. These are our signs



Your family, the best team

• The objective of this Mini Sign is to create the very best team in the world with your family, making the individual objectives of each of its members, the objectives of the team as a whole.

• Listening, recognising and understanding the expectations and dreams of each and every one of you, to help each of you give the very best of yourselves.

• Seeking to educate our children in values such as respect, hard work and discipline and being a motivational force for our family.

• One of the most important elements, communication and the freedom to share any problem or concern within the home environment.

• We should share activities together and convey to our children that life is a team game.

We love each other= We look after one another=
We help around the House

• These are some of the fundamental cornerstones upon which a family is built and sustained.

• We should link together the terms love, care and help, and understand that they always belong together.

• In such a way that loving each other means that we take care of one another and we help each other with everything to do with our home and our family.

• It is important for our children to learn that helping their mother or father in the home, and even tidying their bedroom or clearing the table, is all part of loving someone.

• Of course, this rule must also apply to parents and adults.

At 8 o’clock its time for BBC

• This sign uses the acronym of the BBC, considered to be the best television channel in the entire world, to remind our children when it is time to have a bath, to kiss us goodnight and to go to bed.

• Sleep is very important for the wellbeing of our children, lack of sleep in an adult can cause irritability and lack of energy, but it can have more serious consequences in the case of children.

• Doctors recommend a minimum of 10 to 12 hours sleep for children of school age, emphasizing the importance of a regular bedtime and allowing sufficient time for them to calm down prior to lights out.

First homework and then telly

• Homework is the responsibility of both parents and children; the child must understand that at home there is a time for everything, and a specific time for studying.

• Specialists indicate that we must educate our children into a daily routine, at the same time and in the same place, and that we must pay attention to what they have studied, as well as recognising their efforts.

• If there is no homework, the child can read, organise their notebooks, but it is important to uphold this discipline.

We never shout at one another, nor tell lies

• This sign is aimed at all members of the family, not just the children, but also and especially, the parents.

• A study published by a prestigious American university has shown that you need only shout at a minor or expose a minor to shouting and insults amongst the family to leave lifelong sequelae on his or her personality.

• Scientists have discovered very negative psychological effects and disorders which can re-appear in the adult life of the child exposed to such behaviour.

• Therefore, respect is a very important rule which we must uphold in the household.

• In relation to lying, sincerity is a fundamental cornerstone for any trust-based relationship between people, and about which we must educate our children.

Fighting is not permitted

• Arguments and conflicts are normal in the home, and with coexistence, sometimes smaller children still don’t know how to resolve their problems with words.

• Even so, we must establish a rule with our children that fighting is not permitted, conflicts are resolved by talking.

• We must make it clear to them that no matter who started the fight, the blame will always be attributed to them both, and if this behavioural rule is not complied with, a punishment may be imposed, which may be limiting the time they are allowed to spend doing activities they enjoy.

• After the punishment, it is important to ask our children how they could have resolved the problem without fighting.






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