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Mini Sign Kids, New system of education and family development.

  • It consists of a new system of education and family development, created by specialists in strategic implementation, following the instructions and directives of experts in child pedagogy, psychology and family planning.

  • The objective is to drive, convey and promote the defence of family values, and improve the level of self-esteem and motivation of our children.

  • Given that the family is the principal socialising agent, and coexistence triggers learning, we have developed a simple, fun and didactic method for establishing behavioural rules that will be present at all times and will improve attitude in minors.

  • The system consists of small signs, which are placed on top part of the television, relating to principles, behaviours and rules to be complied with and borne in mind by all members of the household.

  • They will be accompanied by a commitment panel, into which the names of the parents and children, or any other person living in the home, should be entered in order to signal commitment.

  • And in addition, it incorporates a system based on neurolinguistic programming techniques, to help improve attitude and motivation in the different facets of our children’s lives.

  • The names of all family members should be written on this poster and place somewhere visible in the house and on the fridge.




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