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Basic pack

  • With this group of signs we indicate the process of change that the Mini Sign strategy represents, conveying the fundamental cornerstones of any business structure, such as teamwork, management of costs, sales motivation and management.

  • This pack represent the start of a new way of understanding and listening to the Company on the part of its employees.



Commercial/Sales Pack

  • The principal objective of this pack is to achieve a working methodology which guarantees a considerable increase in gaining new clients.

  • It is used to carry out sales work at different times of the year.



Management Pack

  • This pack will drive your team to find new ways of working more efficiently in relation to time, expenditure and processes.

  • It can be used at certain times of the year to find out the extent of our working capacity and cost-saving capacity.



Coaching Pack

  • It is used at certain times of the year to achieve a change of attitude, greater motivation, as well as a positive mentality and improved communication between the members of your team. By so doing, a new discipline is conveyed which enables the team to confront any market conditions.







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